Healing is a process of becoming whole.

Our intention is not to “heal” others. We acknowledge the ability to become whole and healthy is within each of us if cultivated. Our goal is simply to provide a safe space for the process of healing through cultivating community.


Sound healing

Sound healing, or vibrational medicine, feels amazing! It uses objects that resonate, as well as the human voice, to create vibrations that travel through the body. If you’ve never experienced it, contact us and schedule a session today.



Yoga can stretch and strengthen the body, and give us a way to link movement and breath. It’s also a deep spiritual practice — so classes can benefit us in many areas of life, both on the mat and off.



There are so many benefits of massage, including improved circulation, pain reduction, relaxation and stress relief. If you’re interesting in learning more about our donation-based massages, please reach out through the contact page.



Prehab classes are all about preventing injuries — combining the ideas of preventative medicine and rehabilitation. Each class takes participants through stretching, myofacial release (using a foam roller or tennis ball), stability training, strengthening exercises, and play!



Check our schedule for meditation classes, where we come together as a group and dive deep into stillness. There are many ways to meditate. Loving-kindness meditation offers us a time to cultivate compassion for self, family and friends, community, and the world.